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What is CICS?


What is CICS

Customer Information Control System ( CICS ) is introduced by IBM in 1960s to support online programming on Mainframes. CICS acts like a sub-operating system, it manages its own memory space, control the concurrent execution of multiple applications. CICS is it self is a batch job running on Mainframe to enable application programes to respond to online requests. You can see the CICS job running on mainframe, by checking in the spool.System operators daily run this CICS job. We can observe multiple instances of CICS jobs are running on mainframe. We call each CICS instance as CICS region. What is CICS? As depicted in above picture, CICS is a high priority batch job running on mainframe Operating System (OS) along with other batch jobs. CICS acts as a interface between OS and Online Application programs. Online programs get triggered by the user by entering a peace of data on terminals. Online programs need to be designed in such way that these programs respond to user instantly with required data. To learn CICS Basics click here Other Mainframe Basics What is Mainframe? What is COBOL ? What is CICS ?

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