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The layout specifies at-least the name of each field, its type, size, and position in the record. A layout may give a detailed description of the use of each field and the values found in it, but that information is often contained in the data dictionary. A COBOL layout usually pertains to a single disk or tape file, as opposed to a table within a database.

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The lowest level data item in a COBOL layout is a field, also called an elementary item. Several fields can be associated to form a group. All the fields together form a record.
A COBOL layout is comprised of a line for each field or group. A COBOL field definition gives the level (discussed later), field name, and a "picture", or PIC clause, which tells you the data type or data category of the field, and its size. The three data types you are likely to see are:

"A" for alpha (A-Z, a-z, and space only).
"9" for a numeric field (numbers 0-9, but no letters).
"X" for any character, (including binary).

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