CA7 question - Avoiding job from showing up as late in CA7 Q

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CA7 question - Avoiding job from showing up as late in CA7 Q

Post by goldyroshan » Mon Oct 28, 2013 7:11 pm

I have a job A, which has the following coded in a control card in its last step -


so, job B is demanded/submitted after a delay of 1hr 30mins after job A completes. This delay is there for a very specific reason, so I don't want to mess up anything with it.

Problem - Job A & Job B run multiple times a day and since it has this delay of 1.5 hours, so everytime it is flagged as late in CA7...

What I need : To avoid this job from showing up as late.

Do you think the following could be a good resolution for this -


Note - Job A is triggered by other jobs and we dont have a fixed time of run of Job A. it runs 6 times everyday all depending upon the completion of previous jobs, so I don't think we ca use DOTM in the control card to resolve this.
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