Linked list over Array ?

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Linked list over Array ?

Post by Sherry » Tue Jun 10, 2014 11:51 am


Recently I have got a new requirement to work on and on a very high level I will put that in words below:
From a specifc folder in a drive frm Windows, my program has to fetch a Txt file and read it , do the validations and report the Error or Success logs in a different folder in the same drive. But I have been asked to do the same using LINKED LIST and not the traditional method of moving the records from File to a Work storage area and doing the firther processing.

I have checked couple of the sites on Linked list and have an idea to code it. But the question in my mind is - is it worth putting the effort of coding using LINKED LIST when it can be easily done by using a Temporary structure?And does LINKED LIST help in keeping the data consistency to a higher level?

Would appreciate if someone could share some benefits which can be fetched out of using LINKED LIST in the program. I know that it has some efficency benefits but in this simple one program which I have to code, would linked list concept have an upperhold ?

Many thanks in Advance!!

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