DB2 Access with Rexx for CICS

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DB2 Access with Rexx for CICS

Post by buzzd » Mon Sep 07, 2015 11:20 pm

Hey everyone,
I'm a student currently working on a mainframe. I have following Problem: i need to get access to a DB2 via Rexx for CICS. It works with Rexx using DSNREXX. This is not supported in Rexx for CICS. How do i get something out of my DB there?
I tried this:

Code: Select all

000001   "EXECSQL SELECT * FROM PRAK405.ANGESTELLTE "                          
 000002  If rc <> 0 then                                                        
 000003   do                                                                    
 000004     Say ' '                                                             
 000005      Say 'Error accessing EMPLOYEE table'                               
 000006      Say 'RC      =' rc                                                 
 000007       Say 'SQLCODE =' SQLCODE                                           
 000008      Exit rc                                                            
 000009       end                                                               
 000010       EXIT          
But not surprisingly it didn't work.

Code: Select all

Error accessing EMPLOYEE table                                
RC      = -4                                                  


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