Enter PF3 twice to exit a REXX driven ISPF panel DISPLAY

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Enter PF3 twice to exit a REXX driven ISPF panel DISPLAY

Post by Geoff Jackson » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:11 pm

This information is for REXX programmers who exploit ISPF DISPLAY calls in conjunction with the TSO EXECIO write feature to create an output file.

Error Description.
When a panel was displayed and the PF3 (END) key was pressed the panel reappeared and PF3 had to be pressed again before processing continued. The output report was successfully created and then displayed for browsing following the second PF3.

Problem Summary.
Output records were being added to a stack after a panel was displayed. When PF3 was pressed the stack was written to the output file using the TSO EXECIO feature. An end-of-file (EOF) null line was NOT added to the stack before the EXECIO was issued forcing the EXECIO to request further input. This would normally be done by displaying a screen prompt, so the last displayed panel was redisplayed for the extra (EOF) record input. Pressing PF3 again satisfied this EOF requirement and the panel display ended and output file was created successfully.

Problem Resolution.
An end of file null record was added to the stack within the REXX code after all other records were written to it. The EXECIO write call therefore had no need to request further input, so the last displayed panel did not need to be redisplayed "in error'.
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