ISPF Menu some Questions!!!

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ISPF Menu some Questions!!!

Post by nghans » Sat Feb 12, 2011 3:09 pm

From the ISPF Primary Option Menu, do the following:
1. Select Utilities, then select Dslist from the Utility Selection Panel.
2. Enter SYS1 on the Dsname Level input field and press Enter. What is
3. Use F8 to page down or forward, F7 to page up or backward, F10 to shift left
and F11 to shift right. Exit with F3.
4. Enter SYS1.PROCLIB on the Dsname Level input field and press Enter. What is
5. Enter v in the command column to the left of SYS1.PROCLIB. This is a
partitioned data set with numerous members. Place an s to the left of any
member to select the member for viewing. Press F1. What specific help is
6. Enter =0 on the ISPF command or option line. What is the first option listed in this ISPF Settings panel? Change your settings to place the command line at the bottom of the panel. It is effective on exit from the Settings panel.
7. Enter PFSHOW OFF and then PFSHOW ON. What is the difference? How is this
8. Exit back to the ISPF Primary Option Menu. What value is used to select
9. Select Utilities.
10.In the Utilities Selection Panel, what value is used to select Dslist? Exit back

I tried with this options but i didnt got expected reply. Can anybody pls look into this and post here answers for these Questions???
Warm Regards,
Narayan S

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Post by dbzTHEdinosauer » Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:52 pm

doubt if you actually followed the instructions provided.

suggest you try again, worked for me.

also moved this question to a more appropriate forum,
Dick Brenholtz
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