Split the file into multiple

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Split the file into multiple

Post by pawan.konduru » Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:47 am


It will be great help if I get an help in getting the below requirement using SORT.

I have a file with around 27 Million records, with record length of 350 bytes and Rec FM is FB sample is as below

111111111 0011 some other data
111111111 2002 some other data
111111111 2002 some other data
111111111 2012 some other data
111111111 2012 some other data
111111111 9999 some other data
222222222 0011 some other data
222222222 2002 some other data
222222222 9999 some other data
333333333 0011 some other data
333333333 2012 some other data
333333333 9999 some other data

here 1 to 9 bytes is the account number which has multiple segments 0011 is the starting segment and 9999 is the ending segment, I want to split the file to max 5M records each file and The output file cannot be split in between the 0011 and 9999 records need to Keep the full set in same file.
Pawan K

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