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db2 tutorials.

Post by muraligaru1 » Mon Mar 05, 2007 3:37 am

Good tutorials for beginers.

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DB2 Unload and Load Utility

Post by Sheela » Tue Mar 06, 2007 7:31 am

Hi Krishna,

Can you post some material on DB2 Unload and load utility.

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Post by jessicaamirr » Tue Dec 29, 2015 11:04 am

I have a question on how the actual migration from oracle to db2 was handled. The article says that they used CDC replication to migrate data(was it sql replication or Q replication?), but do you have any info on how big the database was and how long did it actually take? I have some customers looking at migrations from different platforms so the information will help me.
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Post by academyindia4 » Sat Jan 30, 2016 10:14 pm

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