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Comparing table structures (columns & indexes) for huge number of tables

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 10:23 pm
by sivaguru
Hello team,

For copying data in a large number of DB2 tables in one Mainframe region to another, I'm currently working on comparing the table structures (columns and indexes). I have been managing to do this in the past when there were only handful of tables to be compared. Right now, I'm supposed to do this for 100s of tables in short span of time.

I have tried accomplishing this by extracting the DDLs through BMC Catalog Manager and by fetching out the COLUMNS and INDEXES from SYSCOLUMNS and SYSINDEXES tables. However, comparing them is posing a great difficulty for me.

Please advise and help me if there is a faster way to compare the table structures.

Thank you for sharing your expertise,