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Amalgamation of different Lyrics

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:58 pm    Post subject: Amalgamation of different Lyrics Reply with quote

In some song there are involvement of different languages means nowadays in some of the song lyrics contain the use of different languages. The songwriter uses the two or three languages in there lyrics of the song. In earlier time every writer of the song make the lyrics using only one languages whether it is English, Hindi and Punjabi but nowadays most of song contain the use of Hindi and English language in the song & Hindi and Punjabi languages. The main reason for this people there are many peoples having different choice some peoples only like to listen Hindi song they will not create an interest to listen the English song etc.

Reasons for combining the different languages in song.

 If people like to listen Hindi Song. It will create an interest in English and in others Languages.

 It will not take so much time to write the Lyrics of the song.

 We can collect the Lyrics from different Sources and make the Lyrics.

It is important that you learn how to write rap lyrics even before you start singing or rapping and it will requires lot of practice and analyses and the Rap music is different from the normal songs because the Rap contains meaningless things and lyrics and in normal song it will contain some facts and story basically it has contain some story and according to situation we can write and create the song. We can express our feeling with song and writing the song lyrics is a tough task because it has requires deep thinking and it is also related to the real things. Many songwriters write the lyrics of the song they keep in mind the good composition of the song. If the lyrics of the song is good definitely the popularity of the song will increases otherwise no one listen that song if lyrics is not so much attractive and interesting, lyrics particularly, is essential for the overall composition and writing.

Helps for those who have lack of Knowledge how to write the songs lyrics

 If you feel that you lack how to write the lyrics of a song you can takes the help from lyrics website.

 It will teach and we can check the lyrics of any particular songs and we can modify the lyrics of a song and make it our lyrics for the song from the existing songs.

There are different types of lyrics. Some peoples like to listen the old song and someone like to listen the new song. When you write lyrics of the song online you reach to millions of users instantly. This is the biggest advantage of using this medium. You can select and use the feedback you get and sharpen your skills in songwriting and if we receive the positive feedback it will motivate to write more lyrics and we can submit correct and our own lyrics onto the web and if we receive the positive feedback means we can write more lyrics for the songs. The internet is a good source to learn online lyrics of the song.


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