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Reg: Different operating systems in mainframes

Post by 156138 » Tue Aug 29, 2006 7:32 pm


Could you just tell me is there is any other operating system that
supports mainframes other than OS/2,OS/390 and the latest Z series.

Could you please distinguish between the above mentioned operating

What is the concept of MVS.

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Different operating systems in mainframes

Post by Krishna » Wed Sep 20, 2006 12:21 pm

Hi 156138,

Following information may useful to you.

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Operating systems for IBM mainframes

z/OS is designed to deliver the highest qualities of service for enterprise
transactions and data, and extends these qualities to new applications
using the latest software technologies. It offers a highly secure, scalable,
high performance base on which to deploy SOA-enabled applications
using Internet and Java? technologies, designed to provide a
comprehensive and diverse application execution environment coupled
with a highly secure and resilient enterprise data store. Read more about
z/OS 1.7 and z/OS 1.8.

z/OS.e provides select z/OS function for the z890, z800, and the System
z9 BC at an exceptional price. This specially priced offering, derived from
the same code base as z/OS, is intended to help customers exploit the
fast growing world of next generation e-business.

Linux on System z
Linux on System z combines the advantages of the IBM mainframes with
the flexibility and open standards of the Linux operating systems. Linux
can play a major role in the simplification of the IT infrastructure?not
only because it helps simplify business integration through the use of
open and industry standards, but also because it supports deployment of
new solutions more quickly and accelerates time to market.

z/VM provides a highly flexible test and production environment for
enterprises deploying the latest e-business solutions. Built upon the solid
VM/ESA base, z/VM helps enterprises meet their growing demands for
multi-system server solutions with a broad range of support for operating
system environments such as z/OS, OS/390, TPF, z/VSE, CMS, Linux for
S/390, or Linux for System z.

TPF remains the "high volume transaction processing" (HVTP) platform of
choice for many of IBM's largest customers for many years. These
customers cover several industries, including airlines, lodging, finance,
health, and travel.

Customers are encouraged to upgrade their VSE systems to the most
current version, z/VSE Version 3 Release 1. z/VSE, the follow-on product
for customers with VSE/ESA installed, is expected to be the basis for
future VSE development. z/VSE is designed to exploit selected IBM
System z and IBM TotalStorage technology to help address the needs of
VSE clients. z/VSE continues the focus on interoperability. Service for
VSE/ESA V2.6 will be withdrawn effective 03/31/2006.



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