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Estimated $6 billion used on iPhone fixes

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:41 pm    Post subject: Estimated $6 billion used on iPhone fixes Reply with quote

The iPhone is one fashionable cell phone. It has been the handset of choice for the “hipper” in our midst for some time, but there's something to give one pause about purchasing one. Namely, they are delicate, a fussbudget, and costly to fix, as one study estimates upward of $5.9 billion has been spent on iPhone repairs since the phone was launched in 2007. How often have you needed additional information on ways to get instant online payday loans, and turned to an online search on reputable payday loan companies? Your search is over, all of the info you need is at Match Financial!

Paying for fixes pretty expensive

Crack open the business or technology section of most any major newspaper or magazine and typically there will be a new weekly heap of praise for Apple and the iPhone and/or the iPad. It's only going to get worse when the iPhone5 comes out, which is going to take the brown-nosing to disgusting brand new lows. The obsequiousness of the press knows no boundaries for a while, but perhaps they might want to slow it down a bit.

Since 2007, when the iPhone was released, SquareTrade, a company that sells warranties on the iPhone, estimates $5.9 billion has been used on repairs, according to Time magazine. Before you run out and switch to the iPhone, you may want to consider these costs.

Clumsy owners most likely cause

SquareTrade surveyed approximately 2,000 iPhone owners, examining the info and extrapolating an estimate from there. According to Businessweek, the survey also found 30 percent of owners had damaged their iPhone within the past year and, according to Time, that 11 percent of iPhone owners with damaged phones keep their phone with a cracked screen and 6 percent keep their phone held together with tape.

However, it also found that the majority of the damage was self-inflicted. Damage from accidents was 10 times more likely than losing the phone or it being stolen. The most common sources of damage were from the owner dropping their iPhone or accidentally dunking it in liquid or getting it showered with liquid otherwise, such as dropping one in the toilet or a pool. Screens cost over $150 to replace, enough to send most people running for small short term loans.

The case is made of aluminum on the iPhone 5, and the screen only has one pane of glass rather than 2. That could be a big advantage.

Does not matter what phone you get

The estimated cost of iPhone fixes might seem a reason for Android owners to rub it in, but switching to a phone with Google's OS will not save you. According to Wired, a survey last year by WDS, a wireless services company, found that Android owners were far more likely to call into repair and consumer services centers than iPhone owners.

If you wanted something better, a Windows Mobile device or Blackberry can be less likely to break down. About 14 percent of calls to the service center for Android had to do with hardware, whereas only 11 percent of iPhone calls had to do with hardware issues. About $2 billion annually is spent at telecom corporations fielding Android phone complaints.



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