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DB2 Certification
Question : Hi Every one,

This is my first post in this community.

Please expailn me about DB2 certification. I am 3 years experienced adn wanted to go other company interview.

How can this help me.

Thanks in advance.

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SQLCODE -811, why always 2nd row is fetched??
Question : hi,

I want to know if their are multiple records(duplicate rows) in a Db2 table,
on fetching it I am getting the 2nd record everytime in my output file..(after handling sqlcode -811)

I want to know why?? why not 1st or 3rd record or any other??

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block size?
Question : I know that block size is the multiples of logical record length.But what does block size actually mean and for what is it used for?

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Question : When particlar table having Trigger is Dropped .
will trigger also droped or it will remain.?

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Regarding Cursor
Question : In COBOL-DB2 program without using cursor can we go for any other logic which is more efficient ?

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FILLER is executable or not?
Question : HI,

can anyone plz clarify my doubt

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what is the use of OZAGENDB.OZAGENTS when creating the tabl
Question : Hi,
plz clarify my question anyone?

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Polaris Interview questions
Question : There is one input file and one database is there.we need to create a output file that contains the records which are present in Database and not present in inputfile. Give the logic?

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Question : Why VARCHAR should be declare at level no. 49?

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What is auditing?
Question : What is auditing?

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