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Question : when we restart abended step02 its latest generation become " 0 " rite..

may i rite r not ?

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JCL interview question answer Ebook
Question : removed dbz

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GDG interview question
Question : Hi All,
I have 2 questions on GDG
A Job has 3 steps
1) Step01 creating New GDG file(+),
2) Step02 Input from step01
3) Step03 Input from Step02
When we run this job, it gets an abend in step02, so when we restart the job what will be the version of file. ???

QUES2: A Job has 3 steps
1) Step01 creating New GDG file(+),
2) Step02 Delete file(+),
3) Step03 create new GDG file with same file name
What is the version for that file?

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How to be Prepared for an Interview
Question : Have an interview coming up soon, but youíre not ready? Donít worry. We know interviewing can be a stressful and daunting process, but it doesnít have to be. With these tips, youíll learn how to be prepared for an interview, become more confident and assertive and land the job you want.

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Regarding Restart card in JCL
Question : Hi

If you insert restart card inbetween any keyword paramater then what will happen

i dont have access to run any job on my Lpar.

Saravanan J

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GDG question
Question : In a JCL contains 2 steps,in step 1 GDG(+1) is created and in step 2 it is used.A abend occurred in step 2.while we restart the job we have to change
GDG(+1) to GDG(0) ? or any more changes to be done?

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jcl interview question
Question : How to convert Flat file to VSAM file?It is two step or one step process?What utilities are used to do ?

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jcl interview questions in pdf
Question : here is the link

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jcl query
Question : The parm parameters max limit is 100 character... wat can i use if my input exceeds this limit?.... Confused

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is the answer correct??
Question : This question i came across n the interview questions. But i dono how they got this answer. Can i hav an explanations??
What is the function of DD name parameter with a 2 part structure; Audit.Report ?

(1) Override the Audit DD statement in the report

(2) Override the Report DD statement in the Audit procedure

(3) Concatenate a dataset onto a DD statement in a called module

(4) Delete the Audit DD statement in the Report

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