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jcl interview questions in pdf
Question : here is the link

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jcl query
Question : The parm parameters max limit is 100 character... wat can i use if my input exceeds this limit?.... Confused

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is the answer correct??
Question : This question i came across n the interview questions. But i dono how they got this answer. Can i hav an explanations??
What is the function of DD name parameter with a 2 part structure; Audit.Report ?

(1) Override the Audit DD statement in the report

(2) Override the Report DD statement in the Audit procedure

(3) Concatenate a dataset onto a DD statement in a called module

(4) Delete the Audit DD statement in the Report

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How to run only 2 steps out of 100 steps???
Question : Hi,

I have 100 steps in a jcl...And my requirement is ...

1) I need to run only step4 and step5
2) I should not edit the jcl
3) I can use job card to fulfil this requirement.

Can anyone through some light on it....


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doubt in jcl
Question : lastweek i am attended csc inerview in tht interview they are asked some questions
1. proc1
up to proc5 is there if i want to call proc1 and proc5how can u write the code.

2. sysut1, sysut2, upto sysut5 isthere i want to concatinate the 1 one and 5th one how can u concatinate write the code.

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Question : Could u plz clear my doubts below
1) what for we use DATACLAS=DATAF

2) what s d use of LISTC all entries ( Vsam file)..

Thanks in advance..

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concatenate datasets using multiple sortin
Question : Hi,

I am trying to concatenate 10 files and put the output in a single file. Below is the discription:

I have 10 files as input and each file has different number of records, now my requirement is that i have to copy data from
the first line only from all the files, also the data which i am copying should be from column 27 to 35.
I want to write a JCL to process all the files in one go.

[my approach]
I have tried it myself and its working fine for single file, but when i am using multiple files its not working.
I concatenate all the files, but when i submit, it takes data from the first file only.

I am using PGM = sort.

PlZ provide me the solution.


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jcl interview questions.
Question : Q1. What will happen if we don't mention NOTIFY parameter in the job statement?

Q2. Only using JCL how can we change an FB file to VB file format?

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Question : How to change the name of file which is received from mainframes to email id with a JCL/some other XMIT command?


Let the file name in Mainframes session be ABC.XYZ

File xmitted to email id by the following command:
XMIT (IBMIN.userid) da(ABC.XYZ)

File is received to mail with the name ABC.XYZ.

Is there a way to change the file name which is to be received in mail?

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Polaris - jcl file interview question
Question : How do we retrieve odd numbered records like 1st,3rd,5th, 7th... from a file.

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