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DB2 QUICK START E-BOOK only for Rs.200 ( = $5 ).

click here to download

you can download this E-book here. click here to download This e-book contains 4 free chapters. Rest of the chapters are Locked. If you want to unlock you need to buy this e-book. Product Cost : Rs. 200 ($5) Contents of the e-book: SQL Introduction - DDL (Data Definition Language ) - DML (Data Manipulation Language) - DML (Data Manipulation Language) - Part II - DML (Data Manipulation Language) - Part III COBOL - DB2 Programming - Introduction to COBOL DB2 Programming - Precompile process - COBOL-DB2 compile JCL - COBOL-DB2 run JCL - Using CURSORS in COBOL program - Available Options in CURSORS - Using DCLGEN tool - Important SQLCODES Other DB2 Topics - Unload JCL - unload data from database - Load JCL - load data to database - Triggers - Stored Procedures - SQL Optimization techniques If you want to unlock this e-book. Follow this procedure. STEP 1) Unoad E-BOOK, Make sure it is working fine in your machine You should be able to open chapter1 & 2 ( free chapters ) When you try to open chapter3, it wont get open because it is locked. In this page, it will display PASSWORD NUMBER. That means you need to get the password corresponding to that number to unlock the e-book on that machine. STEP 2) Transfer OR desposit money into the following account. ( India account) ********************* PAYMENT METHOD 1 ********** A/C - 631201528270 BANK - ICICI BANK BRANCH - KUKATPALLY BRANCH CITY - HYDERABAD A/C HOLDER NAME - S. SIRISHA COST - Rs.200 - License to use on two machine. - Rs. 400 - License to use on four machines. In india, it is easy to transfer the money to this account. customers from other countries are requested to either use OR use below option. ********************* PAYMENT METHOD 2 **********
** In Payment method 2, online transaction charges are applies. STEP 3) Send the receipt/screen shot of payment & following details to to get password to unlock the e-book. Name: Email : Phone number: City : Country : PASSWORD NUMBER : this information you will get when you clicked on locked chapters Note: We dont send any CD's after paying the amount, as suggested above , before paying amount, you need to download the product and check the free chapters. If e-book is running fine on your machine, follow the above steps to get password from admin. After purchasing the password, e-book will be licensed to use on only one machine per one user. If you have any questions, feel free to send a mail to


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