Drona series contains the mainframe tutorials on COBOL JCL VSAM CICS DB2
    1. JCL Tutorial
        This tutorial contains the basics of Jcl and some advanced topics     
    2. SORT Tutorial
        This tutorial explains different sort cards
    3. Compiler and Run jcls
        This tutorial explains how to write compiler jcl and run jcl 
     2. DB2 Tutorial
            2.1   DB2 SQL Tutorial
	   This tutorial contains the basics of SQL. 
            2.2  DB2 Interview Questions
	  This page contains important interview questions for programmers.
            2.3   DB2 Programming 
                This tutorial contains basics of COBOL DB2 Programming. Explains how to write a cobol db2 programs.
            2.4   SAMPLE COBOL DB2 COMPILE JCL 
            2.5   SAMPLE COBOL DB2 RUN JCL 
     3. COBOL Tutorial
   COBOL Tutorial
      4. CICS Tutorial
     This tutorial explains CICS COBOL programming
      5. TSO / ISPF 
     This tutorial explains about TSO / ISPF 

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