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GOTO Statement


GO TO Statement

GO TO statement GO TO statement permanently transfers control from one part of program to other part of program. Format. GO TO Paragraph-name. Example - PROCEDURE DIVISION. MAIN-PARA. DISPLAY 'MAINPARA STARTS HERE'. GO TO PARA-1. DISPLAY 'A VALUE ', A. STOP RUN. PARA-1. COMPUTE A = B + C. cobol go to statement In above exmaple, control first executes the DISPLAY statement to display the string ' MAINPARA STARTS HERE' , then control executes GO TO statement, now control will go to PARA-1 and executes COMPUTE statement. that's it. control wont come back to next statement after GO TO, because control permanently transfered to PARA-1 - Structured programming languages techniques suggest to avoid using GO TO , use PERFORM instead - Programmer may face more logic errors with GO TO compare than PERFORM - Readability of programs goes down, if we use more GO TO statements in the program



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